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Fall 2015:  I am no longer breeding mini donkeys! After several years of true joy in breeding, showing and playing with mini donkeys, the circumstances no longer allow me to continue.  Perhaps when I establish a life of my own and retire from my career, I will get a small herd and start over.  But in the meantime, I have sold all but two of my mini donkeys, our two last herd sires, Spark and Squirt.  They have been gelded and have become the best of friends and will live on my farm with me.  If I decide to leave the farm, they will be boarded with my horse.  All my girls have found amazing homes and I keep in touch with most of the wonderful families that purchased them.  It's the end of an era, but perhaps one day, I will be back with my own little herd.


Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys is a small, select breeder of miniature  mediterranean donkeys, located near the foothills of the Monashee Mountains in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We thoroughly enjoy and are very proud of our small, but very high quality, herd.

We have gathered together some of the very best miniature donkey bloodlines in North America and are very proud to state that our two herd sires are micro-minis (being under 30 inches in height) and our former two herdsires were only 30.25".  But they aren't just small - they have wonderful conformation and super-friendly personalities.  Our jennets represent very diverse bloodlines from all over North America and range in height from 30" to 32 1/2".  They too have been chosen for their awesome structure and personalities.


Why Miniature Donkeys?  Our family has an extensive background with horses, particularly Quarter Horses used for cattle ranching and showing, both English and Western.  When we downsized the ranch and moved to our acreage a few years ago, it was perfectly set up for smaller animals, with lots of fencing, a 4 stall shelter and full barn.  Being "horse people" we knew it wouldn't be long before we found the perfect animal for us and for our acreage. 


Miniature donkeys are friendly and lovable - they love attention!  They are easy keepers, and can be kept on just a couple of acres, where they enjoy "barrel racing" around the trees and playing with their toys.  We have a jump & trail course set up in one of the paddocks where we train our donkeys to participate with us, and they are happy to oblige.  One of our herdsires, HHAA Smalls, excels in trail, lead race and in hand jumping.  All in all, they are just a whole lot of fun to have around!   




Please take a look through our site - we are sure you will agree that miniature donkeys are the perfect pet!


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  A member of the National Miniature Donkey Association, the American Donkey and Mule Society, the Canadian Donkey and Mule Association and the CanWest Miniature Donkey Promotional Group.