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We only have a few foals each year and we try to give our jennets a year off between foals to ensure that they stay strong and healthy.  We only produce a small number of foals each year (2 or 3) so that they can be well socialized and well loved, and to keep our numbers manageable. There is nothing cuter than a baby donkey!







* Our 2014 Foals *

  We are celebrating the arrival of our two new foals for 2014...


July 9, 2013: I wasn't expecting Mirrose to foal for about 3 more days, but you never can tell with first time moms.  I went out to feed one morning and there was this little girl, skipping along beside her mom, as happy as could be!  Mirrose is doing a great job as a first time mom and Mystery is getting bigger and more feisty every day.  Mystery is a dark red like her mom, but she has a dark nose, which is very unusual for reds.  We are going to have her dna colour tested to see if this is a new mutation in dark reds.  In addition to her unusual colouring, Mystery is the closest to perfect that we have ever seen - absolutely perfect legs, bite and overall conformation.  We couldn't be more pleased with Mirrose's first baby. 


 July 17, 2013:  I could tell that Enchantment (EZ) was about to foal anytime and I made it home from work just in time to see him stand up.  The great thing about all 3 of Spark's foals (Violet, Sparkle and Merlin) is that they hit the ground running.  They are up on their feet right away and learn to nurse in record time.  EZ is a very friendly jennet but turned out to be a very protective mom.  It took her about 3 days to let me start to play with Merlin - and he hasn't stopped since!  He comes running at me when I go out to their paddock and just loves his hugs and kisses.  He is stocky and small and just adorable.  He will be gelded when ready and will be sold as a very loving pet.    


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