Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

* Our 2010 Foals *


May 7, 2010 - The first of our babies has arrived. Welcome Asspen Grove Julia, by Mia and Sheridan. Julia was born almost right at midnight and she and her mom and I spent several hours together, bonding. But finally, at 4:30 AM, I had to get some sleep! Here is Julia at 10 days old...she has such a 'look at me' presence! Julia and her mama, Mia, are for sale together - see our Sale page for more details. They are the only mama and baby pair we will be selling this year, so this is your chance to get a little baby all your own to raise. Sold!





May 15, 2010 - Bella's first baby has arrived - and FC's first baby too! His daddy is a Fire Cracker so he is Asspen Grove L'il Spark. Born at 5:15 AM, a gorgeous ginger red boy, all of 19.5 inches tall (with his booties). It was another sleepless night but he was worth it. At only 10 hours old he was climbing in our laps and wanting hugs - the friendliest baby we have ever met. Sparky is definitely herd sire material.

Update - at just over 1 year of age, Sparky measures only 27.5"!!! His sire, FC, grew only 1/2" after his first birthday.

Click this link to see more photos of Sparky:

Click the link below to see Sparky's You Tube video - thank you to Dayle Haworth of Half Ass Acres who created this cool tribute to Sparky!!

To see Sparky's full pedigree, click here:



June 9, 2010 - Heather's first baby has arrived, by FC. Born at 1:30 PM, a beautiful very dark brown with light points, and just 21.25 inches tall. He is so stocky, strong and energetic - he lept up as soon as he was born, so he is Asspen Grove Jumpin' Java. He is proving to be quite a character - he runs after me and bunts me in the back of my knee for attention. Heather is proving to be an excellent mother for a first timer. Jumper will be for sale once he is gelded and weaned. We would like Jumper and Smokey to go as a pair of much loved pets. Sold!







July 5, 2010 - When I walked into the nursery in the morning, I thought that Sparky was trying to nurse from Cayenne. But no! It is his little (half) sister - a beautiful red baby girl, born in the night. Asspen Grove Ginger Snap is 22.25 inches tall and pretty as can be. Again, FC has thrown that "I'm your best friend ever!" gene, as this little girl is as friendly as her "big" brother Sparky. Sold!







July 13, 2010 - I noticed that Lia's baby had dropped when I arrived home from work, so I put her in the foaling shelter with a fresh bed of straw, food & water. By the time I returned to the house to watch on the barncam, she was lying on her side in the fluffy bed. In no time, her baby boy made his debut. Asspen Grove Smokey was 23.5 inches, a very pretty light grey. He is very inquisitive & friendly and Lia is, as usual, an awesome mom. Smokey will be offered for sale as a gelding. He was hard to get pictures of as he would not stand still, but here he is at three days. Sold!