Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

* Our 2011 Foals *


April 27, 2011 - The first baby of the year arrived! Sera had a gorgeous light red boy by Fire Cracker, Asspen Grove Kikta Cougar, at 9:40 AM, 20.5" tall. Sera had been attacked by a cougar about 6 weeks after conceiving and we were worried that she might lose the foal from the trauma - but he arrived looking like he was fully prepared to defend the world! Cougar, a stocky little guy, was up within minutes and looking to get into trouble. He is the product of champions - you can just tell that he knows he is special! Sold.






April 28, 2011 - Not enough enough time to rest between babies! Sera and Cirrus are best friends who do everything together, so why not have their babies at the same time?? Welcome to Asspen Grove Aurelia, a dark red jennet with a tiny star, by Fire Cracker, at 6:46 PM, 20.75" tall. This is a very pretty little jennet, finer than Cougar but with very straight legs and FC's little dished face. We couldn't be happier with both babies and their first time moms! Sold.









June 14, 2011 - After a few nights of watching on the barn cam (and getting bags under our eyes), at 6:10 PM Lacey finally delivered a gorgeous very dark cherry brown or black boy with a bright white nose and belly. Welcome to Asspen Grove Buckshot, 21" and very correct. Buckshot is by DuPlessis Farm's Hot Flash who belongs to a friend of ours (and who is the son of our very own Cayenne). Lacey is another great mom and Buckshot will definitely keep her hopping! He would make a wonderful performance gelding as he is tall and leggy. 






July 21, 2011 - We can't imagine a cuter foal! Silky and FC had a gorgeous dark brown (perhaps black) boy with a big "frothy" star, a snip and two white socks on his back feet! The older he gets, the darker he is gets. His markings are very unusual considering his mom is a black with no white at all, and FC is red with no star or white socks!! However we have confirmed by DNA that FC is his sire. Welcome to Asspen Grove Guinness, just under 20", very correct and stocky. He is also staying really tiny! Guinness is a very independent, super friendly little guy who will keep his mom on the go. Sold.







August 4, 2011 - We were very happy that Heather chose to have her baby boy at a decent hour! At exactly 4:00 PM, we welcomed Asspen Grove Ranger, dark auburn brown, bay pattern, 22") to the family. We have had a few people inquiring about driving donkeys lately and Ranger would make a super matched pair with Buckshot or Guinness! Ranger's foal coat is just slightly lighter brown. When Ranger was born, he was up in a flash and getting on with his job - finding food! Heather is just such a wonderful mom! Sold.







October 26, 2011 - After a very sleepless night, we were happy to finally welcome Asspen Grove Fifth Element, by Fire Cracker and Mirabella, at 8:30 PM. Leeloo is named after the Fifth Element (aka the Supreme Being - who also happens to be a red head) from the movie The Fifth Element. Leeloo is short for the character's full name of Leeloominai Lekatariba Lamina-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat (and no, I can't say that fast!) Leeloo is only 18" in height, our tiniest baby so far. What a cutie! 

Leeloo has her daddy's personality - brave and saucy!  She is a real going concern who behaves more like a friendly Labrador puppy than a donkey. She is the tiniest jennet, only 26" at 8 months, but she is does not have a tiny personality. Just try to ignore her for a few minutes.


I have not seen another jennet with her structure - a miniature red tank with perfectly straight legs. I have turned down several thousand dollars for her as she is staying right here.