Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

* Our 2012 Foals *


June 22, 2012 - The first baby of the year arrived! At 1:15 AM, Cayenne had a gorgeous bright red jennet by Fire Cracker, Asspen Grove As You Wish. It was a textbook foaling and Wish was up and nursing in no time. My friends who have used Fire Cracker as a herd sire have recently had 4 red jennet foals with big stars, by 4 different dams without stars. FC just throws babies with white on them (like Guinness). But we haven't had a red jennet FC foal with a nice star - until now. And she is just as saucy as they come - a real character.








July 7, 2012 - A first foal for both Misty and Ace! At 10:10 AM, Misty had a lovely little black jennet, 20.5" tall and just a going concern. Welcome to Asspen Grove Mink Glam (aka Minka). Misty wasn't sure about that whole nursing business at first, but once Minka got the hang of it, Misty was just fine and is a wonderful mom!