Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys


* Our 2013 Foals *


May 20, 2013 - The first baby of the year arrived - two weeks early!  At about 2 pm, Lacey had a beautiful bright russet jennet by DuPlessis Farm's Hot Flash. I was showing some folks around the donkey paddocks when I looked over and there was this gorgeous little girl standing with her momma and starting to nurse.  This little girl doesn't have a name yet as her new owner is trying to find the perfect one.  It should be something saucy as this little girl certainly is!  With this gorgeous colour and her spunky personality, if she weren't already sold, I would be wanting to keep her. 

Update!  "Baby Girl" has a name!  Her new owner has named her Asspen Grove Siena Spice, to reflect her deep red colour and her spicy personality.  Sold!



June 13, 2013 - Sera and Spark had a beautiful little jennet foal who is a very pretty shade of dusty red.  Welcome to Asspen Grove VaVoom Violet.  She was all of 19" tall and I swear she weighed less than my purse!  But she was up before Sera and looking for food within minutes.  She is just the cutest little girl and we are thrilled with Spark's first foal. She is super correct and a real little love bug.






July 3, 2013 - Silky and Ace had a gorgeous tiny black boy, so he is Asspen Grove Little Tyke.  If there was any foal that I wanted to be a boy, it was this one.  At some point, I would like a new black herd sire for my dark and spotted girls, and maybe Tyke will fit the bill.  He is inky black and was only 18.5" at birth.  We will hang on to him for a year or so and see what he turns into.  In the meantime, he will keep his mom - and me - hopping.  He chases me around the paddock like a puppy and is one of the most lovable foals I have ever known.