Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

Our Herd Sires

We are thrilled to present our premiere herd sires,

Asspen Grove Li'l Spark


HHAA Smalls.






We are proud to present our two stunning herdsires, both of whom are micro-minis, being under 30 inches in height.  But even better than their tiny size ~ both boys have wonderful conformation and temperaments.  We are so lucky to have them!

Fall 2015:  Spark and Smalls (aka Squirt) were gelded in the fall of 2014 and have become best buddies.  They are the only 2 donkeys I have kept as personal circumstances have caused me to give up my lovely herd.  These boys are such fun to have around and play like crazy! 




* Asspen Grove Li'l Spark *





Sparky is a stunning little red guy who is only 28.5" (72.3 cm) at 3 years of age, taking after his sire, Fire Cracker, who is also smaller than his parents.  Spark's dam is one of our favourites - the very stocky, small and correct Stoney Acres Mirabella. 

At the 2011 Miniature Donkey Extravaganza in Red Deer, Alberta, Sparky placed 2nd in the Yearling Jack class at the Open Show, and 5th in the yearling and two year old class in the Jackpot Show - against jacks that are close to two years older than he is. 

Sparky started his new career as a breeding jack in 2012, sharing his paddock with Sera and Cirrus.  His first foal was born in June 2013 - see the very beautiful and correct Asspen Grove VaVoom Violet on our foals page.  She is stunning and Spark is off to a great start as our little red herd sire.  His second and third foals (Mystery and Merlin) arrived in 2014 and all three of his babies hit the ground running.  They are very precocious, up on their feet right away and they learn to nurse in record time.  We are very pleased with what Spark has given us so far.   




Date of Birth:  May 15, 2010

Height at 18 months:  28.25" (71.75 cm);  Height at 3 years:  28.5" (72.4 cm)

In pedigree:  Arbor Ledge Little Red, MGF Prairie Fire, The Fireman, Circle C Miss Scarlett,

Ass-pirin Acres Miss Shadaisy, MGF Leroy, Circle C Audi

To see Spark's full pedigree, click here:

To see more photos of Spark as a foal and in August 2011, click here:




* HHAA Smalls *

Smalls arrived at Asspen Grove from Half Ass Acres of Tennessee in November of 2010 - another tiny little jack comes to Asspen Grove.


2nd Place Hunter Jumping Amateur

6th Place Pre-Green Trail

 Westerner Days Miniature Donkey Extravaganza 2011
Red Deer, Alberta



Grand Champion Jack

3rd Place In Hand Trail, Green

2nd Place Lead Race, Green

Westerner Days Miniature Donkey Extravaganza 2013
Red Deer, Alberta



Smalls is another tiny little guy with lots of beautifully placed dark spots, square and stocky conformation, excellent top line and the most gorgeous short, wide head!  Thank you to Dayle & Joe Haworth of Half Ass Acres for parting with him, even tho you were considering him as your future herd sire - very high praise indeed!  Smalls has a wonderful, willing personality and did well in performance events at his very first MDE show in Red Deer, Alberta in 2011 at only 14 months of age.  He repeated that excellence in performance classes at the 2013 MDE Show, where he also won Grand Champion Jack. 

As a three year old in 2013, Smalls started his career as a breeding jack, residing with Misty and Charmine.   

Smalls at 1 week of age (photos courtesy of Half Ass Acres)


Date of Birth:  May 11, 2010

Birth Height:  19.25"; Height at 3 years:  29.75" (75.6 cm)

In pedigree:  McLendon's 45 Magnum, Heiken's Ark Top Gun, My World Buster, Pine Grove Farm's Peppercorn Jack, Gladybrooke Skip

To see Smalls' full pedigree and a few photos, click here:

Small's Sire, Heiken's Ark Napolean and Small's Dam, HHAA Hey, Sailor!







* Stoney Acres Fire Cracker *

Fire Cracker explodes on the a Grand Champion!!



Grand Champion Jackpot Jack
2nd Place Yearling Jacks
2nd Place Hunter Jumping Amateur

 Westerner Days Miniature Donkey Extravaganza 2008
Red Deer, Alberta


Reserve Grand Champion Jack
1st Place In Hand Trail Amateur
2nd Place Hunter Jumping Amateur

Westerner Days Miniature Donkey Extravaganza 2009
Red Deer, Alberta


"FC" is a tiny little guy with a big personality!  He is such a joy to work with, does whatever we ask and is bombproof with all the children that come to pet and play with him at the Fair.  This little guy can do it all...excels at in-hand trail, loves in-hand jumping, wins at halter and pasture breeds like a gentleman!  A huge thank you to Deb Walker of Stoney Acres for letting us take him home, even though Jody told you to keep him!! :)  FC was gelded in the summer of 2013.  



Date of Birth:  July 18, 2007

Mature Height:  30.25" (76.8 cm)

In pedigree:  MGF Prairie Fire, Arbor Ledge Little Red, The Fireman, Circle C Miss Scarlett

To see FC's full pedigree, click here:

FC's Sire, Stoney Acres Prairies Inferno and FC's Dam, Ass-pirin Acres Miss Shadaisy




* DuPlessis Farm's Black Solitaire *

Black Solitaire (aka "Ace") arrived at Asspen Grove from California - a tiny little tank!


Ace was a tiny little guy - only 25.5" at 6 months of age - and he kept his small size - at 3 years of age he is just over 30". Ace has such a sweet personality and has learned to be a polite pasture breeder. Thank you to Jane DuPlessis of California for sending your little boy up to Asspen Grove.

Check out his foals - AG Mink Glam, with Misty in 2012 and AG Little Tyke, with Silky in 2013.  As we just don't have room for many jacks, Ace was gelded in October 2013 and will be kept as a pet until we find his forever home.  He is a real love bug and will make a wonderful pet and companion.

Date of Birth: July 10, 2009

Height at 1 year of age: 28.5"; at 2 years: 29.5" (75 cm); at 3 years: 30.25" (76.8 cm)

In pedigree: My World Tigger, Rearview's Red Rock, Rhone's Little Brown Satchel, Windcrest It's a Wrap

To see Ace's full pedigree, click here:

Ace's Sire, DuPlessis Farm's Pepe Petit and Ace's Dam, DuPlessis Farm's Black Tiffany