Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

Our Jennets

At Asspen Grove, we have been lucky to find many quality breeders of miniature donkeys, from whom we have purchased our select group of brood jennets and future brood jennets.  And now, we are fortunate to be raising our own beautiful jennets under the Asspen Grove name.  We strive for diversity in colour and consistency in temperament.  Conformation and temperament are first and foremost, so we have a wide range of colours and heights from 30" to 32 1/2".

Come meet our girls (shown from youngest to oldest)...


* Eola Hills Good Gracious - sold to live with EZ at a wonderful farm not far from me, with Joe and Patty.  Thank you for looking after the girls so well!

 DOB: May 18, 2013 Birth Height: 20 1/2" 

Sire: DuPlessis Farm's Little Pennington, 31 1/2", black (Windcrest It's a Wrap x Wee Friend's Farm Sophie)

Dam: LER Night Sky, 32", brown/black (SWF Piccola x Pygmy Acres Diamiss)

To see Gracie's full pedigree and a few photos, click here: coming soon

In pedigree: Rhone's Little Brown Satchel, McLendon's 45 Magnum, Windcrest Jamaica Joe, Dewey Meadows Valerie, Dewey Meadows Sweetwater Puccini, Luigino

"Good Gracious!" was pretty much what Glenda Lawrence of Eola Hills Mini Donkeys in Oregon said when she found this pretty little girl one morning, an unexpected delivery by LER Night Sky.  I had purchased Sky from Glenda a couple of months earlier but she didn't appear to be in foal at the time.  Glenda had only put her in with her black jack, Pennington, for one night, but as we have heard, sometimes that's all it takes.  What a gorgeous little bonus!  A jennet in my favourite super dark brown colour!!  When we clip Gracie next summer, she should be a deep, dark brown, almost black, like her dam, LER Night Sky (see below).  Gracie is also a sweet heart and loves her hugs - we are very happy to have her here.  



 * Red Moon Acres Enchantment  - sold with Grace

DOB: April 22, 2010   Birth Height: 20 "   Age 3:  31 3/4"  (80.5 cm)

Sire: Honkey Donkey's Little Magic, 30", dark brown spot  (Honkey Donkey's Safari Jack x Honkey Donkey's Spice)

Dam: Eola Hills Roxie-Blu, 33", black/brown (Wit's End Rockin' Rocky x Roger's Twilla)

To see EZ's full pedigree and a few photos, click here: coming soon

"EZ" is a beautiful dark spotted jennet with a very pretty head and a sweet personality.  She will cross very nicely with either our red or spotted jack and we are very pleased to add her to our herd.  Thanks to Glenda Lawrence of Eola Hills in Oregon for letting us add this pretty girl to our farm.

EZ has an impressive show record, winning 1st place halter foals (all sizes) at Hell's Canyon Mule Days in September 2010, 3rd place yearling jennets at the 2011 Oregon NMDA show and 2nd place yearling jennets at the 2011 Washington Interstate Fair.

EZ's Foals:

2014 Asspen Grove Merlin, a dark brown jack, by Spark





    * Circle C Sweet Serenade - sold to Shadey Lane Farms in SK.  Thank you Leanne for giving my favourite girl a wonderful home.

DOB:  August 19, 2007  Birth Height:  20 "  Age 1: 29 3/4"  Mature Height:  31 1/2" (80 cm)

Sire:  Circle C Legend, 31 1/4 ", sorrel (Red Lightening x Circle C Miss Houston)

Dam:  Ass-pirin Acres Just Plain Sugar, 32", light sorrel (LN Rising Son x Ass-pirin Acres Lil Red Jessubelle)

To see Sera's full pedigree and a few photos, click here:

In pedigree:  Redsonnehi, Jennie Sam, Red Sonfire, Red Lightening, Arbor Ledge Little Red, Circle C Legend (red, red and more red!)

We are thrilled to add Sera to our little herd.  Sera is a gorgeous sorrel, drafty and very compact, with a short fancy head that shows Legend's influence.  She has in impeccable pedigree and a personality that can't be beat - what a sweetie!  Thanks to Cindy Benson of Benson Ranch in Oregon for letting us purchase this gorgeous girl.

July 2009 - Sera wins First Place in the Two Year Old Jennet class and Reserve Grand Champion Jennet at the Miniature Donkey Extravaganza Open Show in Red Deer, Alberta!  Sera was shown by Wayne Lyon - thank you Wayne, and way to go, Sera!  Sera also placed third in a very tough Jennet Class in the MDE Jackpot Show, against all ages.

Sera's foals:

2011 Asspen Grove Kikta Cougar, a bright red jack, by Fire Cracker

2013 Asspen Grove VaVoom Violet, a tiny red jennet, by Spark.

2015 (July) expecting a foal by Spark.



 * LER Night Sky

DOB: 2003   Birth Height: unknown; Mature Height: 32" (81.25 cm)

Sire: Sweet Water Farms Piccolo, 31 1/4 ", grey (Dewey Meadows Sweetwater Puccini x Chakola's Scamp)

Dam: Pygmy Acres Diamiss, 33 1/2", brown (Dino of Pygmy Acres x Pygmy Acres)

To see Sky's full pedigree and a few photos, click here: Coming soon

I thought this jennet was beautiful ever since the first time I saw her on the Benson Ranch jennet page, years ago.  So we are very happy to be adding her to our little herd.  She is exactly my "type" of donkey - well rounded, correct and stocky with a very pretty head.  Sky tends to have tiny foals so she was not suited to breeding for performance donkeys which need to be larger in size.  However, our jacks are small and our jennets range between 30" and 33", so she fits in our herd wonderfully.  Thanks to Glenda Lawrence of Eola Hills in Oregon for letting us purchase this gorgeous girl.

Sky was the 2006 Grand Champion Jennet at the Pacific Crest Show, Reserve Grand Champion at the Northern California Miniature donkey show in 2007, and she placed 3rd in the 4-9 year old jennet class at the 2007 Pacific Crest National Show.  

Sky's Foals:

2009 SR BR Sky's Tuff-Link, brown/black jack, by MGF Future Link

2011 SR Scepter, brown/black jack, herd sire at Sassafrass Ranch in Oregon, by Crown Meadow Cup A Joe

2013 Eola Hills Good Gracious, a dark brown/black jennet, by DuPlessis Farm's Little Pennington

2015 (August) expecting a foal by Smalls



* Sunset Acres Pure as Silk

DOB:  July 31, 2002  Mature Height:  32" (81 cm)

Sire:  Circle C Black Russian, 31", Black NLP w/cross (Red Lightening x Ebony of Circle C)

Dam:  Sunset Acres Zelda, 32", Black NLP (BJ Smokey x Brighty)

To see Silky's full pedigree and a few photos, click here:

In pedigree:  Luigi (from Sardinia), BJ Smokey, Red Lightening, Circle C Ebony, Hartman's Donkey Trenton

Silky joined us from DuPlessis Farms in California early in 2010.  She is a lovely true black with no light points - not a white hair anywhere.  Silky is a small, personable jennet who has me figured out already - the treats are in the left pocket!!  A big thank you to Jane DuPlessis for sending this wonderful jennet to Asspen Grove.

Silky's foals:

2011 Asspen Grove Guinness, by Fire Cracker

2013 Asspen Grove Little Tyke, by Duplessis Farm's Black Solitaire (Ace)

2015 (August) expecting a foal by Smalls