Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

Welcome to the Asspen Grove Gallery of our farm and pets!








Donkeys make the best friends.... 

At Asspen Grove, our donkeys get lots of attention!

Hugs from "Dad" and walks with "Grandpa"...come play with me Grandma!!




Even our farrier, Sid, gets in on the action,

helping to get everyone ready for the holidays! 








Rose helps out by taking Grandma and Grandpa

up the road to get their mail!









A view of a couple of the donkey paddocks from through the forest above, and a photo of my favourite time of year - a sunny, warm day in autumn.




And our least favourite season.....

Our donkeys even have their own pets! ... their watch cat Celia and a happy yellow Lab, Hunter.    Sadly, we recently lost our gorgeous Irish Wolfhound, Dunnigan, due to old age.  At 36.25", he was taller than all of our donkeys.   


Recently, we have added their LGD's, a Maremma named Carmalita (Lita), a Maremma x Great Pyrenees named Buddy, and two crazy barn cats, Fluffy & Tuffy.



And when "Mom" isn't playing with the donkeys or taking their photos, she's tending to her finches and chickens or in her rose gardens...


We all enjoy hanging out with our very lovable donkeys, here at the foot of the Monashee Mountains.


   Monashee Mountains                                                       Winter at Asspen Grove

A Few Favourite Donkey Photos

(Under Construction)