Asspen Grove Miniature Donkeys

*Asspen Grove L'il Spark

Sparky's pedigree reveals that he is the product of a deliberate line breeding to "set" his colour and his size.  Many people are afraid of line breeding, thinking that it might result in a two-headed, three legged animal, but that is not how genes work.  Line breeding will simply reveal if there are any prevalent genetic features (good or bad) present in a bloodline or combination of bloodlines.  We believed that Sparky's parents (FC and Bella, who share the same sire, Inferno) both carried the genes for small and stocky, in addition to being a gorgeous dark red, and that Sparky would reflect the best of both parents.  We were ecstatic to see what they produced - a tiny, stocky, dark red boy who had 'herd sire' written all over him from a very young age.  At only a couple of months old, he looked like a miniature version of his father.  We don't recommend that any breeder focus on one or two features to the exclusion of others.  We can see how it might be possible to produce a donkey that is just too much of a good thing (for example, too stocky and short-coupled, which could impede athletic ability).  But Sparky would be the perfect herd sire for a discerning breeder who wants to focus on small and red, and to introduce some stockiness into the finer boned bloodlines.   We loved this combo of parents so much that Bella has been bred to FC again.